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Welcome to Alternative Health Solutions MD Inc.

DrBenitezInOffice2Alternative health refers to alternative medicine. In other words, alternative health, or alternative medicine comprise any of the energy medicines and spiritual aids that conventional medical systems, especially in North America and Western Europe, do not consider valid or useful to modern medicine.

Loosely speaking, alternative health also refers to some techniques, as hypnotherapy, which mainstream medicine does consider complementary or supplementary, therefore valid and useful. These are, for the most part, scientifically proven methods and hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis) certainly falls in this category.

We Utilize Alternative & Complementary Systems

The healing systems and therapies represented by alternative and complimentary medicine offer what conventional medicine does not in the following five ways:

  • Focuses on the whole person, physical; emotional; spiritual; social.
  • Focuses on disease and illness prevention.
  • Treatments are highly individualized.
  • Focuses on causes of ailments, not symptoms.
  • Supports the natural healing processes of the body.

Alternative health systems also encourages active patient participation where conventional medicine does not. In this way, we follow suit with helping you help yourself in any way you can and are able.

The Services We Offer:

We offer holistic medical services for non-emergency & non-life-threatening conditions, helping you manage your pain, optimally-perform in sports and academics, and other stress-producing endeavors you encounter in life. We help you take the right steps to achieving your goals in life, whether they be weight-loss, removal of anxiety, increase confidence, even issues with nail-biting and other unwanted human behaviors. Let us help you help yourself by unlocking the door to success with the key you already possess!

Dr. John Benitez offers the following therapies and techniques. Noted here are the basic categories of treatments available. There are sub-categories within some of these, which will be discussed on each of the five pages accessible by the links below which will provide information about each.

Note that physical therapy, including massage therapy is also available at the facility. These are not performed by Dr. Benitez.


Samassati Colorlight Therapy is a painless, effective way to treat ADHD as well as a host of many other physical and psychological disorders.” – Irene Patino

The therapy follows an individual approach for those of use who do not respond to the same guidelines prescribed by traditional medicine. Furthermore, it provides the resources to understand and live in harmony with our own innate unique nature. Simply put, our bodies react to light, and colorlight therapy can help balance the biological, psychological and emotional fields of the human body. (more…)

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